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Elevated Shading

 Grand Summit Awnings is proud to feature Eclipse Shading System's complete lineup of high-quality shades. From retractable awnings to interior shades, we can offer a solution to reduce UV exposure, improve climate control efficiency and protect your interior. Ultraviolet radiation increases about 2% for every 1,000-foot increase in elevation due to thinner mountain air, which means at 9,000 ft, we are looking at almost a 20% increase in UV exposure.

Products and Services

Commercial and Residential 

Retractable Awnings

Versatile Shading - sun when you want it, shade when you need it. Motorized and compatible with most smart home systems. 


Structure providing high wind and snow resistance while maintaining shade versatility. These can be combined with exterior screens to provide a complete oasis for your home.

Exterior Screens

Adjustable to the shifting sun, our outdoor shades are made from premium materials made to withstand UV exposure and fading. Bug-proof, Sun-proof.

Custom Covers

Need a new awning cover for your storefront or home? Want to upgrade your RV skirt or awning? We can help with our custom sewing services.

Interior Shade

Customize and automate your interior shades with light filtering mesh or Sunbrella interior fabrics. Our interior improve climate efficiency inside your home

Insured and Registered 

We are bringing our years of exterior shade expertise to Colorado's High County. We have over 20 years experience in exterior shading, awning and marine textiles. Grand Summit Awnings maintains good standing with the state of Colorado and our general liability insurance. We can provide references and proof of coverage.

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